Star Guild Awards Full Show HD (2013)

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s kumar says:

I love salman, because he? doesn’t go around kissing, every actress

Vinayak Dilip says:

Nice show.. but they? repeated the shots of many people clapping and laughing again and again…

Fiza Ali says:


Fiza Ali says:

Salam the best?

Srinath Reddy says:



salman khan? king khan

heyimthat1person says:

Salman was? best host ever……..

Naseer Mohd says:

bravo hosting. u r alwys awsme.
happy? frm heart.

Lokesh Saini says:

Salman Khan is a good host but? looks like this whole event was put together in a jiffy…very poor script

abdullah al mamun says:

salman khan? is the best.

Johir Joy says:


Meg Puffle says:

Amazing body!!!? :D

Phanindra Gautam says:

are tv shows? nnot getting awards?

adrian lewis says:

Salman Bhaii…..? Aappnnaa kamaL kar diyaaa…..!! No word hattssss offfff……!!

Muhammad Shehzad says:

itna? booring show……..

YI MA says:

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Jaydeep Prajapati says:

Very very amazinggggg,Salman is better than? all hosts….l love sallllluuuuu….

hassan ali says:

ayushman better? than the host

hassan ali says:

sab salman ka salay comment passa? kar rahe ha…his face always look confused,acting ki ma ….srking deserves all ok shits

Abdus Samee says:


zaab ahmed says:

either i ve not a fever of sallu nor im a hater of srk. i like both of them. but if its about host…. yes…sallu is the best even though it’s? his 1st host.

xsgt096436 says:


yasirkn45 says:

lallu host?

Kitty Cat says:

slaman? khan is the best

Akar A says:

Seems very honest n no bullshit hosting, no dramatize, nothing fake!! It has the course of award function that had been defining the industry.. Well done? Salman U Rock, and fuck off those who didn’t like!

Gurpreet preet says:

salman khan? rocckkkkssss i love u salluuuu

Asad Shah says:

ae lore srk is noting in front of salman
srk sale ki ghar apne main koi? izat ni ha tu bahr kaun karega
meri taraf se usey kehna k ab tu lolly pop chosna chor de
ku k lolly pop aur us main koi fark ni ha

poddersumon says:

I? love salman

humas khan says:

abay chup gandu ?

zeeshaan ahmed says:

abey jay pitroda tere naam me hi? lallu hai aur tu asal me kiska khoon hai

zeeshaan ahmed says:

abey chutiye humas tera number de agar mard hai tho behnchod nahi tho? chudiyan pahenle

humas khan says:

sharukh khan best is ke hosting boring hai baat sun salman khan kabhi yeh commant deakhe tho bavlay tu lun jesa hai mere salay ?

Guri Kaur says:

????? ??? ??!

jay pitroda says:

please, someone stop? lallu

Rashi Giri says:

i love salman khana?

rakhi pohane says:

Best hosting just simple n vulgarity like other hosts frm was lovely.

salman ansari says:

very nice?

salman ansari says:

very? nice

salman ansari says:

very nice <3? (y)

Ageesh Hameed says:

salluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu best

Salman King says:

yes? and yes

Rapoholic Btm says:

One n only salman Khan? yo King of BOLLYWOOD

Khaja Azharuddin Siddiqui says:

Yours too XD?

Mohammad Abdul Mottalib Bhuiyan says:

the hosting of salman was just annoying. it is not your film pandeji. it’s an award show, and you responsibility is to cheer up the audince, but you have failed to do so. I do? not recognize you a good actor. you have never done any serious character. the thing you do, remaking popular songs or films of other indian film industries.

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